Conan The Usurper

Conan The Usurper

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conan the barbarian by robert e howard was first adapted into comics in 1952 in mexico marvel comics began publishing conan comics with the series conan the barbarian in 1970 dark horse comics published conan from 2003 to 2018 conan the barbarian will be returning to marvel comics sometime in 2019 conan is a fictional character based on robert e howards conan the barbarian he was introduced to the comic book world in 1970 with conan the barbarian written by roy thomas illustrated by barry smith and published by marvel comics the highly successful conan the barbarian series spawned the more adult black and white savage sword of conan in 1974 published as part of marvels line of complete sphere conan 1 12 conan conan of cimmeria conan the freebooter conan the wanderer conan the adventurer conan the buccaneer conan the warrior conan the usurper conan the conqueror conan the avenger conan of aquilonia conan isles paperback 1976 conan as written by howard is the finest heroic fantasy in the last century more fully realized and believable than the lord of the rings trilogy conans character is an edgy blend of arnold swartzinager and clint eastwood an animated series loosely based on conan the barbarian hence the title but so very much lighter and softer than the original it should be considered more a generic fantasy series that merely borrows inspiration from conan the cartoon ran from september 1992 to november 1993 for a total of 65